About Us

Executive Summary

Concept for Professional Training Solutions is ranked as one of the best educational institutions as it provides highly customized and practical training programs that meet individual clients & companies’ requirements. As experts in the field of teaching English to speakers of other languages, we design excellent English language programs for all levels of students & employ highly qualified and experienced staff.
We’re highly honored to provide information about Concept courses, teaching programs & training diplomas and provide you a highly exceptional experience with highly educated & experienced Trainers.  At the completion of our programs, the participants’ ability & confidence in communicating in English in social situations will be greatly improved and also their awareness of all the knowledge needed side by side with practicing. Also trainers-to-be will have a unique teaching experience during all the training programs provided. Also Participants will be qualified to award a certificate from AIPS or Cambridge College.

About Concept

Concept for Training Solutions was established in 2006. It is an important view window of training services to the new and the most recent training methodologies and techniques with accreditation from the AIPS and Cambridge College as well as being a referral partner with IDP.
Over the past 11 years, Concept Training Center has trained language learners from different countries before their enrollments to undergraduate and graduate studies. In addition, it has trained large amounts of qualified and excellent language teachers both novice and experienced ones seeking a better teaching practice.
We are operating through 10 branches over Cairo, Giza, Benha, Mansoura & Alexandria. Our institution is devoted to a community-service essential role in developing as well as training ESL students through interactive classes and students’ engagement in individual, pair & small group class activities besides simulating conversations conducted in real-life situations.

Concept Method

(Language Acquisition/ Conversation-based)

As an independently owned corporate, Concept has been offering so many educational services with the aim of aiding self-development seekers and all those who are willing to improve their communication in the English language. As a part of its role as one of the most effective educational institutions, Concept is always perusing using the latest methods, techniques and strategies in order to offer the best educational service that helps its clients to achieve their life goals and improve their communication skills.

In order to assure that the educational process is fulfilling its clients’ needs and achieving the maximum benefits, Concept cares to follow the “Language Acquisition” technique that helps students to conduct conversations since the very first level even if their language proficiency level is below beginners as Concept instructors’ help their students’ to get exposed to the English language in the context of real life situations through adopting a conversational approach based on listening & speaking that allows them to use them effectively in using these conversations in their daily life.

Concept Training Programs & Courses

Concept offers its services in the training field providing different courses & teaching diplomas & programs. As Concept aims to spread its educational services & leadership role, it provides:

  1. Conversation-based General English Course; accredited from Cambridge College.
  1. TEFL Program (Teaching English as a Foreign Language); accredited from AIPS.
  1. IELTS Preparation Course and Exam Reservation with IDP; as Concept is considered a referral partner with IDP.
  1. IELTS Trainer Course; accredited from AIPS.
  1. Kids Program: starting from the age of 8 (juniors & seniors)