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About Us

About Us


CONCEPT is an Egyptian company that was established in 2006

It works in the field of English language services in all its branches, in addition to the online department. It is distinguished by being an accredited company from the American Institute for Professional Studies of the American Training Group in Washington, as well as Cambridge College. It is also an accredited partner regarding IELTS with IDP.

And it is considered one of the most influential training companies in the field of training due to the services it provides in all matters related to English language skills and teaching, as well as because it is concerned with providing the best quality to all its customers, which always makes it in the forefront. Concept is distinguished by being an educational edifice consisting of several branches in the governorates of Cairo, Giza and Benha, as it provides services to thousands of students and learners annually in branches and online.

  • An exceptional experience
  • Highly educated and experienced trainers
  • Participants' ability and confidence to communicate will be greatly improved
  • Incoming trainers will have a unique learning experience
  • Participants will be eligible to be awarded a certificate from AIPS or Cambridge College.

Modern training methodologies and techniques

Concept methods of teaching

Concept is distinguished by the method of language acquisition, as it relies on learning English through speaking and practice. You acquire automatic and not intentional skills, you listen to language and practice it without having to memorize verbs and words. We provide an “enjoyable and creative” atmosphere in our classrooms to achieve “effective” education.
We encourage interaction and communication between students To help you develop real communication skills. We use modern technology such as listening labs, C.Ds and videos to reach the best results.

Concept trainers
All Concept lecturers hold international certificates in teaching, such as CELTA - DELTA, which guarantees you the highest quality. Also, our lecturers receive training before getting their tasks, which achieves a rapid and guaranteed improvement for the learner.
Concept curriculum
In teaching English, we depend on the Touchstone curriculum, which is approved by Cambridge, which makes it reliable for many students, even schools and institutes specialized in teaching English. The Cambridge Touchstone course is characterized by its comprehensiveness, as it is an integrated curriculum directed to fundamental till elementary education.
Concept certificates
All qualified students will obtain a certificate from the British College of Cambridge accredited by the British Education Center and a certificate from the American Institute for Professional Studies in Washington (A.I.P.S), as well as a certificate from Concept.
Concept method (language acquisition/conversational basis)
As an independently owned company, Concept provides a multitude of educational services with the aim of assisting self-development seekers and all those who wish to improve their English language communication.


To be a professional training and development center, and the favorite destination for building abilities.

The message

Transfer of modern global expertise with high quality standards
at an acceptable cost and made available to the vast majority of people
who seek the service.

The goal

Developing the way our learners and trainees think and make them able to acquire knowledge, and help them develop their skills by providing training solutions that focus on the students’ acquisition of the language.