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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The return policy stated on this page on the Concept website is considered an effective return policy for all educational materials displayed on the same website that can be purchased through the same website. When you purchase any of the courses or educational sessions on the site, you agree to the return conditions set forth below. If you do not fully accept the terms, you should not participate in any of the courses and courses offered on the site.

First: You cannot request a refund of the amount paid for any of the educational courses if three full days have passed from the moment the account was activated and the course was opened in your own account.

Second: The amount paid for any of the educational courses cannot be refunded if you begin studying with us in the courses, even if this is proven by reviewing your account activity in the course in which you request a refund of the amount paid.

Third: The amount paid for any of the educational courses cannot be refunded if the reason is that you thought the content was different from what you expected before purchasing. The responsibility falls on you to read the course contents and the idea of the course and ensure that it suits you before joining and paying for the course or course.

Fourth: It is not possible to recover any amount for an educational course that was sold during a period of discounts on subscription prices or through discount codes that were specifically provided to the student.

Fifth: This return policy is considered valid from the date of its publication on the site and is binding on both parties, the service provider and the service purchaser.

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In the event of a reservation on a single-level offer, no refund of the amount is permitted after confirming the start date of the group
In the event of booking a multi-level offer, the student has the right to withdraw from the offer, provided that the value of the level outside the offer is calculated at $160 per level and 10% of the value of the offer as administrative expenses.
Once the study date is confirmed and the student agrees to the date, the student’s level will be calculated even before the start of the study
If the student attends one lecture of the level, the level will be charged to the student
After administrative approval of the refund request, the refund will be made two months after the date of approval