Kids English Program

Kids Program

The aim of the course is to prepare your kid and improve his/ her English skills. your kid will learn through “gamifying” by performing so many fun ESL activities side by side with educational songs and a very interesting set of books; issued by Cambridge & Macmillan during classes full of fun through applying the latest teaching kids techniques.

Program Division:

It’s divided into to categories:

  1. Junior Program; a program of 9 levels each of 16 hours for the kids of age from 8 to 12
  2. Senior Program; a program of 13 levels each of 16 hours for the kids of age from 12 to 15

Program Trainers:

We have a professional teaching team with high educational backgrounds who are highly experienced in teaching kids.


Our certificate is accredited from Cambridge College to be provided by the end of each program that costs 400 L.E

Branches Available:

The program is available in the branches of:

  • Nasr City
  • Misr Gdeeda
  • Maadi
  • Agouza
  • Haram
  • October
  • Shoubra
  • Benha
  • Mansoura
  • Alex

Program Fees:

The program fees are 550 L.E per level. Also the certificate costs 500 L.E; level material included, and it’s shipped in a couple of weeks after signing in for it.


Your kid needs first to get into a placement test in order to asses his language proficiency and know his/ her level that costs 50 L.E.