IELTS Trainer Course

IELTS Trainer Program (The International English Language Testing System)

The aim of the course is to prepare a professional IELTS trainer accredited from the AIPS (The American Institute of Professional Studies), Who is fully ready to be a professional international teacher.

Our vision is to prepare you for a successful teaching experience of the IELTS preparation course material; general or academic through theoretical as well as practical studies.

Program Division:

It’s a 3-week program divided into:

  1. Classroom-based learning time; a lecture of 4 hours twice per week. It includes all the theoretical studies regarding the content to be taught for the 4 macro skills tested in the IELTS exam; listening, speaking, reading & writing.
  2. Practice time; all participants are required to pass through a practical part of conducting Demos & peer teaching.

Program Objectives:

– Know the content of the IELTS exam; academic & general.

– Be trained on how to teach the study subject effectively in order to help the learners to get the score needed

– Know the different teaching techniques to help reaching the different types of learners.

– Know the rubric & criteria of evaluation that’s followed for scoring the applicants of the IELTS.

Program Trainers:

We have a professional teaching team with high educational backgrounds. Our trainers are distinguished in the field of teachers’ development. Their expertise and experience in the field of English language teaching and teachers’ development enable us to maintain the high standards of training to which we are committed. Trainers’ qualifications range from Master’s Degrees in teaching to PHD in Education and IELTS Trainer Certificate.


Our certificate is accredited from the American Institution of Professional Studies (AIPS) which is one of the subdivisions of the American Group for Managing Educational Projects in the United States of America. AIPS is a leading professional and examining body, committed to engaging learners of all ages at school, college, work or through part-time learning programs to achieve their full potential. Check it yourself:

Branches Available:

The program is available in the branches of:

  • Nasr City
  • Misr Gdeeda
  • Maadi
  • Agouza
  • Haram
  • October
  • Shoubra
  • Benha
  • Mansoura
  • Alex

Program Fees:

The program fees are 1500 L.E; paid all at a time by the beginning of the course or in installments after coordinating with the IELTS program coordinators. The material needed costs 200 L.E. Also the certificate costs 500 L.E and it’s shipped in a couple of weeks after signing in for it.


The applicant needs first to get into the IELTS placement test via a phone call that’s evaluated to assess the language proficiency as well as the level of fluency of the applicant and he/she needs to score an advanced level in order to be approved to sign up for the IELTS trainer program unless he/ she has scored an advanced level in the IELTS exam.

Contact No.:

For more info. & registration, you can communicate with the TEFL/ IELTS department directly on: 01011133552